This river rafting experience is enjoyed on two-person high-tech ARK (African River Kraft) inflatable rafts. Two-person rafts are best suited to normal water levels. 6 - 10 person rafts can only be used in very high water conditions because they get stuck to rocks in the rapids due to their size and weight in normal water level conditions.

Equipment required for the adventure – rafts, helmets, oars, life jackets and professional guides – are included in the cost.

The rafting trip takes about 3 - 4 hours to complete, depending on the water level and energy levels of the group on the day.

Our route is the most popular one on the Vaal River and includes Big Daddy rapid - the biggest on the Vaal River system.  The rapids we cover provide a navigational challenge, awesome adventure and lots of fun.

What to expect?  Arrive at our Eagle Rafting property based on the Vaal River Bank.  Vehicles are parked here.   Safety gear, life jackets and helmets are fitted and then we use Eagle Rafting vehicles to transport our rafters down the road to our exclusive launch property.  Guides provide a safety briefing before we launch our boats and raft back to the river bank where our cars are parked.  Snacks and refreshments are available for purchase to be enjoyed on the river bank.  You may also reserve a braai facility on the river bank to 'bring and braai' after your trip. Photo's are free of charge, uploaded on our Facebook page for our rafters to download.